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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tales from the Schoolyard...

When I picked Jack up from school on Tuesday, Ms. C wanted to know where Jack learned to sucker-punch...turns out he had punched a kid named Drew in his class. And not just an, "oops, my fist must of slipped," but she said he even had his fists up like Rocky, looking for a fight. She assured me that it wasn't out of frustration or anger, but he was having a great time looking for a rousing game of punch-you-in-the-face. I am STILL trying to figure out where he learned to do that; I do not want to be the parent of "THAT kid" in school. We have been teaching him that he is a warrior (for Jesus!) and he and J wrestle every now and then, but never with fists up in the air like that, and we tell him over and over that he ONLY hits daddy. Should I be concerned?!

Oh! And to make the story even worse, turns out the kid he punched was a GIRL (who names a little girl DREW?). Ay carumba.

On a lighter note...all during Spring Break, Jack kept talking about Taylor from school. Wanting to know more about this new bff, I started asking questions (and then remembered that Jack is 2, which means he only asks questions, not answers them). However, I ran across a picture of his class that I took a couple of weeks ago and I asked him to point Taylor out. Without hesitation, he pointed to a precious little girl. Hmm. I decided to ask the obvious. "Jack, is Taylor a girl?" His response (mingled with TONS of giggles): "NO, Mommy! Taylor's a BOY!" After asking several times and getting the same response, I had no choice but to laugh and move on.
Well, when I told Jason about it later, he assured me that Jack's just too young to know the difference between boys and girls...so, I tested him. Jack definitely knows what gender family members belong to (Jason's defense was that he has seen us all naked - ha!). I decided I just had to wait to ask Ms. C when Jack went back to school the next week. Turns out, Jack definitely had been pointing to the right kid in the picture and Taylor IS a girl. Poor Jack. He is standing by his claim that little Miss Taylor is a boy, though. But I can see why he likes her! This morning at his class's little Easter chapel/egg hunt/party, she came right up to him in the sand box, handed him a shovel and scoop and helped him (wordlessly) fill up a dump truck. Jack's kind of girl.

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  1. Now would not be the time to take Jack to a tranny show. I'm just sayin'.