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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where does the time go?!

It is UNREAL how fast time seems to fly by sometimes. Growing up, a week seemed like an ETERNITY...and a year, well, no point in even trying to comprehend that. And it's one of those things I guess I've always heard, that time flies by faster the older you get, which makes sense. But I can hear cute little old ladies now, "My, how fast you are growing up!" and it always, and I mean ALWAYS got on my nerves; I dreamed of - but never dared to - responding with a, "What did you expect me to do?".
But here I am. Call me an old lady. But my boys are growing up SO fast! Will turned 6 months old on Wednesday. And I feel like I've totally missed all 6 months of it, even though I've had a front row seat for it. It feels like it was just yesterday he looked like that precious baby to the left. So, I am vowing now to be more intentional every day to soak up his precious little personality, to remember (and take more pictures!) of his perfect little round cheeks and sparkly eyes that are a part of his continuous smile, and to savor his sweet, easy laugh; to not wish away those wee morning hours of falling
asleep with him in my arms in the rocking chair (again); and to perhaps dream less of his independence and mobility (this whole "put-him-down-and-he-stays-where-you-put-him" thing definitely has its benefits). Before I know it, he, too, will be asking if it's Thursday yet(because in Jack's mind, that's the one day that he goes to school), saying, "Let ME do it," and taking off with his besties Leland and Livi (his 2 best new friends who were born this past month!) as soon as we hit the church door, like Jack loves to do with Cameran and Jaylen.

And while he's a *little* irritable with teething (still waiting on the first one, but we're hopeful), and frustrated when he's sitting up but has a hard time remembering how to stay that
way, I remind myself that this, too, shall pass. And quite honestly, I wouldn't trade a day of it for anything.


  1. Those sweet boys are lucky to have such a sweet mom! Great pictures :)

  2. Isn't it crazy how much faster the time passes with the second one?

  3. i just want to MUNCH them! They are too cute.