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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blog, take 2

About 4 years ago, I tried blogging. And to spare myself the humility, I will not be sharing the link to it...I thought I knew what I wanted to "sound like," and in doing so, rambled incoherently for a few weeks before giving up on the thing all together (posing sure is exhausting).

But there are so many days that I realize that I have 2 precious, hilarious kids - and NO record with which to remind myself of the cuteness on the days that they are acting, well, slightly less than precious. And since Jason promised me that 20 years from now of COURSE blogs will still be available for our viewing pleasure, I decided this is a "safe" place to put it all.

And I have also realized that sometimes I have deeper thoughts that just need sharing (or venting)...and because Jack doesn't always have the proper responses to my theologizing and philosophizing, this seems like a good fit. So, in all my spare time as a SAHM(between bon-bons and sips of my martini, of course), I'll try to figure out how to put some of my musings and revelations into the bloggityblog for your entertainment.

However, right now two 2-year olds are trying their absolute hardest to fit a toy into every corner of living space in my house. Guess I better go help.

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  1. Loved having Jack and Will. Jack as fun, Will was sweet and occasionally laughed out loud when I tickled his tummy. Glad you got a break yesterday.