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Sunday, September 12, 2010


I LOVE our church for many, many reasons. However, one of the tip-top ones is how amazing (and effective) our small groups are...they truly are the way to make our GINORMOUS church feel smallish, and help people feel connected in an otherwise overwhelming crowd. And to top it off, life-change is truly happening there. We've seen friends experience community (and in some ways, family!) in ways they have never experienced it before, all while growing closer to God and each other...and improving marriage/parenting/exercise/hunting/biking/bible study/whatever topic of choice may be.

However, J and I were a little hesitant about getting involved at first...we have been a part of slightly less than effective small groups in the past (and a couple of really great ones!), but didn't want to rush into it. Well, 2 years later, not only are we a part of small groups, but we are also leading them! This semester we are co-leading "Experiencing God's Dream for Your Marriage" with a FABULOUS other couple we're just getting to know. There are 10 couples in our group and so far we are really having a great time together (even though technically Jason hasn't been there yet since he left for Africa the day before we started!). We co-led "Love and Respect" last Spring and God really did great things in our marriage; we're excited about what He has in store for us this Fall!

I'm also co-leading "Running for Beginners." My friend and I are helping non-runners get introduced to the awesomeness of running by using the "Couch to 5k" program. Not only that, some of us are planning on sticking with the training through the winter and are running in a half-marathon (or 2!) in the spring. I am LOVING this group!! We've got 14 people training, and so far they are really getting into it. The program has 3 days/week training plan, and we are meeting on Sundays to do the day 3 regimen of each week together. Also, we've created an email list, so, for example, if you know you're planning on doing day 2's run on Thursday at 6 pm, you could email the group and see if anyone is interested in going, too...and so far, it's working great! I've yet to do a training run by myself; and I've already made a couple of new friends! SO fun!

Well, one of my sweet friends and group members asked me for my running playlist about 2 months ago. Being the wonderful procrastinator that I am, HERE IT IS!

Arise Highlands Worship
Rain Your Glory Highlands Worship
No Reason to Hide Hillsong
You Are Here/The Same Power (I skip this one if I'm on a hill!) Hillsong
General Dispatch
Our Love is Loud David Crowder
O Praise Him David Crowder
No One Like You David Crowder
Undignified David Crowder
I Saw the Light David Crowder
...neverending... David Crowder
Come Awake (also skippable!) David Crowder
You Are My Joy David Crowder
Happy Day Fee
Desire Phil Wickham - Singalong
True Love Phil Wickham - Singalong
Anytime Eve 6
We Shine Fee
Ants Marching Dave Matthews
So Much to Say Dave Matthews
Jessica Allman Bros
Blue Sky Allman Bros
Hangin Around Counting Crows
Highest and Greatest Eddie Kirkland
Statesboro Blues Allman Bros
Sing, Sing, Sing Chris Tomlin
Something Beautiful Need to Breathe
Our God is Love Hillsong Live
Your Name High Hillsong United
Say, Say Kristian Stanfill
Like a Lion David Crowder

Happy Running! :)