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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wish list.

So, Jack's birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, but we've been talking about it for months. This will probably be the first birthday he'll remember in the years to come...that coupled with the fact that we want birthdays to be the BEST and biggest day of our boys' year due to Christmas being about Jesus and giving to others (and not them or their wish list), we've sought his input as to what he wants to help celebrate and make his day special. Thanks to his classmates' parties that we've attended, he is convinced that every respectable birthday party occurs at FrogLegs. However, we've about decided that we'd rather spend that money on presents than towards renting a place for a couple of hours. Jury's still out on what the final decision of location will be...

I've also been occasionally asking him what he wants to get. Another thing that Jack's been determined about for months in regards to his birthday is that he would like to get a checkers set. This has me baffled! Not sure where the obsession came from; he received a Mickey Mouse checkers set for Christmas, but only played it once and the pieces have slowly disappeared since. I finally threw away the parts that I could find a couple of weeks ago.

This morning, I asked him again for his birthday wish list. Here is what he told me:

1. Checkers set (surprise, surprise.)
2. Keys to the front door.
3. A new grill...one that gets hot. He pointed to his Little Tykes one and informed me that it just doesn't work as well as Daddy's does.
4. Cake.

I'm fairly comfortable in my willingness to oblige him on items 1 and 4, but I hope he's not too disappointed when he gets a bike and helmet instead of keys and a grill. I think I'll just be thankful that he's yet to ask for a car that goes faster than his Jeep power wheels. :)