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Saturday, March 20, 2010


So, HUUUUGE shout-out to Mom and Poppa J for allowing me (and I guess Jason - but I think he sleep most nights anyway) to catch up on some MUCH needed sleep last night...with an added bonus of getting to go to small group last night without having to rush home to pay a sitter. And not only did we have a great time hanging out with everybody last night until after 11, but I got to spend my afternoon doing very grown-up, single lady-type stuff like getting a pedicure and going shopping. All that, thrown in with a jog with J this morning + breakfast at Byron's before going to get the boys = new lease on life. I might even finish about 7 curtain panels today! (14 down, "only" 37 to go! But I promise, I'm getting my system down and it's going MUCH faster. I should have them done by Christmas. Just kidding. Easter.)

So, a couple of days ago Jack came up with a new nickname for Will. Not only am I at a loss as to where he learned the word, but I am not very fond of it and I find that it is somewhat offensive. Actually, I can practically hear my Mom saying now, "What would Pud say?!" (Pud, being my grandmother who is the epitome of Southern grace and style, is and will eternally be our family's gold standard for decency). So anyway, the other day in the car, Will started fussing a little bit. Jack, being the doting big brother that he is, attempted to soothe him by saying, "It's okay, Boogers. It's going to be okay. Awww, Boogers, don't cry." WHAT?! Boogers? Seriously?! I've even been afraid to use the word when I'm "getting something out of his nose," for fear that it would appear in just such contexts! I'm hoping this, too, shall pass. It reminds me of when Jason was watching "Tommy Boy" several months ago. He laughed out loud and quoted the old lady in the movie by saying, "That's when the whores come in!". Well, Jack loved it...and walked around several days saying, "Horse comes in!!!". After several days of me saying, "We do NOT say that word in our house" did I finally understand his look of bewilderment. Glad 2-year olds forget things quickly.

On our way for me to take the boys to meet mom yesterday afternoon, Jack got in a battle with an old cell phone that my mom had given him. It's a flip phone that he occasionally asks to have charged. After he played with it for a few minutes, he had pushed all the right buttons to make it start saying, "Say a command." Jack, being the obedient little boy that he is (which is said a bit "tongue in cheek"), tells the phone, "A command." However, it didn't seem to satisfy the recording of the nice lady in the phone who was placing the request, so she says it again. So, again Jack replies, "A command." It turned into a yelling match. Jack lost.

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  1. Umm, I love it. At least Jack's not calling him "Snots."