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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Just needs recording...

There's a chance that no one cares about the following notes except my mom and me, so please feel free to totally skip this post...again, this blog was created so that in 20 years I can remember the (occasionally not-so-)cuteness. :)

When Jack started preschool, I'm pretty sure they spent the first day teaching him how to pull his sleeves up (with a possible side-lesson of handwashing). All I know is that since January, all of his long-sleeve shirts have cuffs with ruined elastic in them. Well, shortly after all that started, his Gigi got him some jammies that have a short-sleeved shirt - he LOOOOVES them. And now that it is short-sleeved shirt weather, getting him dressed every morning is going MUCH more smoothly. I guess with all the jumping and running that he does in a 24-hour period, he was probably getting pretty toasty. On a side note, I've decided that I'm going to follow Jack with a video camera for a couple of days and then sell it as a work-out video...I could make millions and rid America of its obesity problem.

Speaking of Jack running and jumping, I can tell that Will THINKS he is big like his brother. Today, Jack was playing his drum (thanks SOOO much for the drumsticks, Gigi*) and dancing and singing. Every time he would start singing, Will would start bouncing in my lap and trying to wiggle to get down. And every time Jack stopped (presumably to breathe occasionally?), Will stopped, too. I think it's just a matter of time before Will joins the band, though - he is officially an independent sitter now!
To top it off, we're figuring out that Will can't sit in our lap while we are eating or drinking ANYthing due to his desire to take ownership of our food/drinks...I just don't remember Jack ever doing that. However, I think we are being MUCH more lenient with what we're willing to let him try than we ever were with Jack (example: Will apparently loves Mellow Mushroom...at least their crust!).

(*Anyone interested in a pair of drumsticks with a little bit of life left in them? They are free and available to a good, loving, too-quiet home!)

NOT Cute:
Jack likes to suck on food. Or at least that's the only reason that I can come up with for him NOT swallowing his food. The other night, he chewed (that's not accurate; he stuck inside his lip like it was chewing tobacco!) the same bite of chicken for THREE HOURS.

GROSS. I told him that by that point, he wouldn't even have to chew it to get it to go down! Last night, it started out being a piece of pork chop that sat in his mouth for awhile, but we enticed him into swallowing that by offering him some "salad" (code for Jack getting to dip lettuce in a little dressing, only to have him suck the dressing off and dip the same piece of lettuce back in the dressing). I give up. Thanks to some wise advice from some friends that have gone down this path before us, from now on he WILL be spitting out the food if it stays in his mouth for more than a couple of minutes...control has to be maintained somehow! :) I'm just thankful that he is willing to eat lettuce at all.

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  1. Remind me to NEVER eat salad at your house.