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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Those of you who know me well know that I have more running shoes in my closet than I have dress shoes/heels/girly shoes...and there's a pretty good chance my number of flip-flops beats out the number of running shoes. And while I am learning (just a few years late) how to be fashionable from head to toe, I've just always preferred function over form. So, to say that Jack comes by it honestly is an understatement! Which explains the following...

The other day, Gigi took our little family out to lunch. While there, she mentioned that she just bought some new tennis shoes. Jack thought about it for a minute, and then informed us that HE needs some new tennis shoes. Knowing that we had just gotten Jack some New Balances a couple of weeks ago, Gigi informed him that he doesn't need new tennis shoes; he has some! Very quickly Jack replied, "These aren't TENNIS shoes, Gigi. They are RUNNIN' shoes. I need tennis shoes." Smart kid...he knows the right tree to bark up to get new things. Ha!

Jack currently has 2 pairs of shoes: his "campin' shoes" (Keen sandals) and his runnin' shoes. If anyone is getting married anytime soon, don't worry - we'll go with the New Balances (they are MUCH nicer). :)

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