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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Sunday. (not for the weak of stomach)

Jack throws up. A lot. I'd say at least once a month, he's tossing his cookies...no warning, no hints, just all of the sudden here it is. If we're lucky, he's outside or on the hardwood floors. We've learned how to quickly disassemble his carseat, how to get the stink out of the couch, and even been given the tip of having a couple of layers of bottom sheets and mattress protectors to make bedtime hurls easier to clean up. However, I'd say the biggest inconvenience of it all is the "waiting game" for the few hours after each episode to ensure it's just Jack being Jack and not a stomach bug...like the one passing through Auburn the past few weeks.

Well, Easter Sunday rolled around and our church had five identical services for Easter. Adopting the motto, "Attend one, serve one," J and I decided to attend the 8 am and serve the 9:30. We weren't sure exactly what areas we would serve in (SOOO thankful J wasn't in the band all day!), but decided we would just show up, knowing there would probably be holes to fill.
To get to church by 8:00, we knew we had to shoot for leaving the house by 7:30 to hopefully be out by 7:40. Wellllllll, I was feeding Bebe quickly before putting him in his carseat when I heard "the sound" coming from the kitchen. Within 7 seconds, I had thought through the morning and knew J was ready to walk out the door, Bebe was ready to be loaded up, and Jack and I were going to be going NO WHERE, at least for a few hours. J and Will went to the 8 am service and I got to attend the 11:15 with my friend A...we decided not to risk it with Jack, especially since we knew the nursery would be crowded.
We had a wonderful afternoon outside in the back yard as a family - I'm SO thankful for the temperature being in the upper 70s this early in the Spring! Our dog Maddie has been TERRIBLY neglected since we had children, so I know she was happy to have us back there with her.

At 4 pm, there was a baptism service at the church. An incredible guy from our small group had made the decision to be baptized...and what's even more awesomer* is that Brandon, our co-leader of our small group, was the one who got to baptize him! J and I were so excited about being a part of the special service. We knew there wouldn't be nursery provided for it, but also figured it wouldn't be a big deal to keep the kids with us. After that, I was supposed to help with Highland Kids at the 7 pm service, but they had WAY over-staffed that area, so I got to end my day grabbing snowbiz with 2 of the coolest chicks I know - love me some Thomas girls! :)

All in all, I say it was a great day! I wish Jack could keep his food in his tummy, that Will's collar would have laid down better and that J and I could have attended worship together. But I LOVE Jesus. And that even though our church does an incredible job of weekly acknowledging the hugeness of the cross, I love that the world takes a few hours to do so, as well. As my friend Taylor's husband sings, "My God's not dead. He's surely alive! And He's living on the inside, roaring like a lion." So thankful.

*My post = my grammar. :)

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