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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

LOVE a good deal.

So, Montgomery has this INCREDIBLE consignment sale twice a year called the Children's Clothing Exchange.  I have absolutely loved being a part of it the past 4 years.  They only accept items in excellent condition, so you know you are getting great things when you walk through their doors.  The prices are occasionally higher than your typical garage sale items might cost, but most of them are higher end as well (but that is also good news for the consignors...you make good bank!).

I was able to get Jack 6 pairs of shorts, 7 Polo-style (a couple of actual Polo) shirts; got Will a fancy little outfit for Easter that I can't WAIT to hear J complain about (woohoo!  And Will is going to look so precious!); and I got Joshie 4 cute little john-johns for this summer.  I also got Will a swim thingy so I don't have to freak out when I take the boys to the pool this summer, and Jack got a new booster seat for the car (we aren't ready for it yet, but I know we will be before their next sale...besides, it was a Graco one for $5!).

And since I consigned 60 items, our budget is still going to come out in the black!  WOOOOHOOO for makin' money on crap...I mean wonderful items that I want to share with the world...that we don't need anymore and getting awesome things that we DO need! :)

They've got baby stuff, kids stuff, home stuff, toys, toys, toys, and next week they'll have women's stuff as well.  Get yo'self over there and find a good deal.  You can thank me later.

And I would like to extend a special thank you to my hubby, for letting me go and for riding over with me and hanging out at my mom's with the boys while I went CHILD-FREE to shop.  And a HUUUGE thank you to my momma for taking care of my men and feeding us a delicious dinner before I left on my quest.

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