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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dream a little dream.

So, I'm 5 months pregnant and exhausted. ALL the time. My DREAM since mid-December has been 36 "magical" (as Jason has been referring to them) hours of having the house to myself.

It goes like this: the kids magically disappear around 7/8ish one morning and I spend the day de-germing and de-cluttering my house (leave your white gloves at home until then, please!). Then, that night I eat whatever I want for dinner while watching whatever I want on the tv (couch or bed...tough call) and then sleep alllll niiiiight looooong in the middle of the bed (Jason is allowed to be in the house during my 36 hours, I'm just requesting to have the bed to myself for a night...hey! I'm getting big and need some space sometime!!). And then, the next morning, I will NOT wake up at 6 am, I will NOT be getting out of bed immediately to get 2 cups of milk and I will NOT be watching Mickey Mouse before the sun comes up. Other than that, the plan for day 2 is a bit vague. I know it involves catching up on 5 months' worth of magazines, 4 years worth of naps and anything else my heart can fit into the day until my babies come home to me around 7/8ish that night (just in time to tuck them in to their beds). :)

Now, doesn't that just sound AWESOME?! I think I will be a different person by the time I see their precious faces. The way I see it, even Jesus had to get away by himself sometimes...and quite honestly, leaving the house for this stay-cation (Joey Weimar, that was for you) just wouldn't cut it. I want a spotless house and a perfect night's sleep in my own bed, finished off with some R-'n'-R. Magical.

Am I being totally ridiculous?


  1. Nope...that sounds amazing. I think I had that happen once and I used some of my time to actually leave the house and run around. If I ever have the house to myself like that again, I won't leave - except maybe to get food, that I didn't cook with throw away dishes.

  2. This sounds amazing. I would simply add multiple long hot showers/baths and a glass of wine (obviously not for you right now). They joy of eating what I want without having someone begging food off of me and getting to go to the bathroom alone, might be more than I could bear! :)