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Friday, August 13, 2010

Signs of Life...

I have always been a list-maker, a planner, and an (occasionally OCD'ed) organizer of my time. It is how I survived high school and college. I gained satisfaction and perhaps an ounce of self-worth from seeing my neat lists and I am almost ashamed by the amount of joy I got by putting a perfect little check mark next to completed items (and an "x" next to things that got bumped to next week or needed crossing off the list all together...that's where the "OCD" might come in).

However, I learned very early on in this trip called motherhood that flexibility is the key to maintaining one's sanity (what's left of it after 4 years of running a youth ministry, anyway!). I can be cruising right through my day and "to do" list and then, out of no where, BAM...I might be headed out the door when a child "blaps" all down the front of me. And him. And his carseat. And somehow into his diaper bag. Or a bad night of baby's sleep totally throws off his nap schedule...and our fun day that I had planned for us the night before. Or he decides the car/grocery store/shirt/lunch/park/etc isn't the right temperature/store/texture/taste/location/etc. And while I am no push-over, his timing and decision to throw a tantrum can be less than, shall we say...optimal.

So, awhile back I was riding out in the county and saw this road sign. I feel that it sums up some of our days nicely...

Thank goodness for tomorrows. :) And I wouldn't trade this journey, complete with it's sinkholes, for anything else in the world.


  1. Oh, that is awesome! Well said, my friend!

  2. LOVE this! This is something that is hard for me to imagine with little girl on the way...especially on keeping house as we all know how OCD I tend to be. I heard a great quote yesterday in church. The guy was talking about the lack of control you have when you have kids - to relate it to the control we have to give up in our personal relationship with Chirst. "I live in a house, not a museum. I live in a house, not a museum. I WANT to live in a museum, but I live in a house." We laughed about that one on the way home. Get ready Candice!