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Thursday, July 22, 2010

My budding artist...

Jack just informed me that he is going to color a picture of "his Sarah."

All I've got to say is that this picture better be of a lovely young mom with short brown hair and 2 adorable little boys or there will be TROUBLE! Otherwise, who is this Sarah coming into my son's life, taking control of his creative mind and markers?!

I'll keep you posted.

OH WAIT. He just changed his mind and said he's going to draw a picture of a gun and a Wiggle (aka Wii) game. Random side note: is the idea of a gun just a part of the male DNA?! I have NO idea where he has learned about them.

I will post a picture of the outcome. Given the subject matter, it should be good.

Either way, my Gram would be proud of her great-grandson's commitment to quality artwork.

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  1. Hi Sarah. I decided I would stop blog-stalking you and just post a comment! I love reading the blogs of fellow mommies...it's such a relief to hear that others are going thru the same things as me! Thanks for the laughs!

    Ashlee (Shelton)