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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Quick Recap

Dear readers (all 3 of you...),

I am alive. And I promise not to take a month-long vacation again. It really has been a crazy month, but it's truly pathetic that I didn't even take 5 minutes to record SOMETHING to the bloggity blog. So, for memory's sake, here's a brief recap of the month...and as a heads' up, you might hear more about some of the stories in the next few posts.

9 Mother's Day: I told J not to spend a dime due to the fact that I was about to get the next 2 weekends away...but he still surprised me with breakfast in bed, bottled Coke (otherwise known as amazingnessinaglassbottle), and Buffalo Wildwings...plus getting to spend it with my amazing husband, 2 precious babies AND at church. EXCELLENT day.

11 Jack's last day of Mrs. C's class! So sad! He had an incredible semester in her class and I'm SO thankful for the experience (and a few mornings of grocery store trips without a toddler). :)

12 - 16 BEACH!!!! With several friends...and not a single child in sight (between the group of us, there were 24 little ones left at home with daddies - and they all survived!). One of my favorite parts of this trip (besides the incredible company, awesome conversations, snow crab for every meal, and perfect weather) was that I got to sleep ALLLLL NIGHT LONG. 4 nights in a row....that's literally a first since I was pregnant with Jack (which was over 3 years ago, just for the record). Huge shout-out to J, my mom and J's mom for helping to make this getaway possible!

21 - 23 BEACH AGAIN!! This time, with the girls from my mom's side of the fam...my mom, sister, 2 aunts and 2 of my 3 cousins from that side of the family. Again, great company, lots of laughs, great food and perfect weather...but Will got to come on this trip (I just couldn't leave J with BOTH boys 2 weekends in a row). I tried very, very hard not to feel guilty about the beach time I got without J and the Rocket. But MAN, it sure was nice!

22 Jack almost drowned. Seriously. I will definitely be blogging on this later. Let me just summarize with this: God is faithful. And sovereign. And definitely still working on J and me over the whole ordeal.

So, those were just a few of the things that stand out. There were so many funny stories, laughs, things learned and messages that I felt God was shouting at me all month...sorry I'm too sleep-deprived to remember most of them. For the things that are still running through my mind, I PROMISE to not wait another month to write about them.



  1. Just for the record...the bottled coke and buffalo wild wings were separate surprises, and not in any way associated with the menu for breakfast in bed!

  2. Ha- I had to read that part twice- the first time I read it I thought it said your breakfast in bed was a bottled coke and Buffalo Wild Wings and I was thinking ewww- that doesn't sound too good! I LOVE keeping up with you. You have always been an inspiration to me- Keep up the good work- You will turn around one day and Jack will be 21 (I can attest to this as Austin's 21st b'day is the 20th of this month) Lots of love, Julie

  3. I'm glad you're back! And just in time for UAB to have unblocked blogger. Glad you had two fab trips to the beach, especially before the oil.